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“Just wanted to say thank you.  We had a company purchase 3 of our wetsuits last week and today we got an order for over 
300 that will cover them for a year in sales!”
–  Coal Akida – PhantomRain

“Your forum is great and has helped to bring many customers to our website.”
– Dat Do – Heli Direct

“I’ve already had 26 people come to our site today from our YuneecPilots ad, and we sold out of the Typhoon H’s in 22 hours!”
– Laura Turbeville – CopterSource

“Thanks for helping us get our pilot campaign launched and a great response from it.”
– Cory Mullins – Drones4Hire

“You really do have a great set of forums. I am both a InspirePilots and PhantomPilots member. Since I can’t be on the Forums every day, I love the weekly ‘Last week’s most popular topics’ email, which keeps me up-to-date on the latest topics.”
– Colin Snow, Drone Analyst  – Skylogic Research